Tips for Getting the Best Dry Cleaning Results


Read the garment care label. 

The care instructions listed on the garment care label are important in providing us with information on the best way to maintain your garment and keep it looking beautiful.  Please do not remove care labels from your fine garments as they provide critical information on how to care for you garments. Stay away from garments with labels that say “spot clean only” these are items are usually not serviceable; they might as well say “disposable”.

Don’t try stain removal at home.

Trying to remove a stain yourself can help it set or cause harm to the fabric.  Blot fresh stains gently, without rubbing, to remove the excess and prevent the stain from spreading further.  Don’t use water, or any other liquids. Take the garment to a professional for cleaning as soon as possible; leaving a stain for long periods can result in chemical reactions that range from permanently setting the stain to fabric damage.

Tell our counter person about any stains.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Pre-treating stains before dry cleaning your fine garments is the most effective way of removing stains, as the heat of the drying process will tend to set stains making more difficult to remove. So bring any stains to our counter person attention when you drop off your garments. That way, they can identify the stain with a special tag and make sure it receives the correct pre-treatment.

Point out special or fragile buttons.

Some delicate buttons simply cannot be protected from breakage during regular cleaning.  Point out any special buttons to our Counter person so that they can be removed prior to cleaning and reattached afterward.  At Oakbrook Cleaners, removal and replacement of fragile buttons is a standard service.

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