Shoe & Handbag Care

Appearance is everything, and it’s not limited to the clothes you wear.  Well-maintained shoes and handbags contribute significantly to how you present yourself.  Let Oakbrook Cleaners help you keep you and your accessories looking their best with our shoe and handbag services.


shoe repair at oakbrook cleaners
If you’ve invested in good quality footwear, regular care and maintenance is a must.  Have your shoes professionally cared for just like you do your garments with Oakbrook Cleaners.  We offer services from cleaning and shining to replacing soles, stitching, stretching (or shrinking), and minor leather repairs.  In addition, we work with licensed brands like Uggs, Birkenstocks, and Vibram.  Call us if you have a question about a specific brand.


Good quality handbags should be cared for annually.  For a few dollars, you can significantly extend the life of a handbag that cost you hundreds.  At Oakbrook  Cleaners we can do both maintenance cleaning and emergency spot cleaning – as well as basic repairs like fixing broken clasps and toggles; shortening straps; mending torn seams on the outside or inner lining; and minor leather repairs.

Extend the life of your shoes and handbags and save money on new pieces with regular cleaning and maintenance at Oakbrook Cleaners.  Delivery clients can include shoes and handbags in your regular pick up.  Walk ins are welcome.

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