Laundered Shirt Service

Exclusive shirt service at oakbrook cleaners

Our mission at Oakbrook Cleaners is to keep you looking your best – and one of the ways we do that is with our exclusive Laundered Shirt service.  What makes our Shirt service different is our attention to detail and the most advanced shirt machinery and the latest in highest quality low alkali detergents with enzymes that allows us to wash your shirts with lower water temperatures. Lower temperatures mean less wear and tear on cotton fibers, helping your shirts last up to two times longer than they might with other processes. Your shirts can be finished in the any of the following:

  • Starch or no starch
  • Hangers or boxed

Our expertly trained staff will examine every shirt to ensure it has been perfectly laundered and pressed.  They’ll also check every button to make sure it matches the others, is securely fastened, and has no cracks.  If problems are found in any of these three areas, they are corrected before we will allow your shirt to pass.  Because, at Oakbrook Cleaners, every shirt is a perfect shirt, or it’s free.

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