Area Rug Care

Oakbrook Cleaners, north Palm BeachFabulous oriental rugs can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while less expensive heirloom rugs can hold priceless family memories. Regardless of their origin, all rugs are designed to capture dirt and grime, and it’s those same dirt particles that can wear down the fibers and shorten the life of the rug itself.  At Oakbrook Cleaners we can help you keep your rugs healthy and beautiful and extend their lives with regular cleaning and maintenance – whether your rug is pricey or priceless.

To keep your rugs looking their best, annual cleanings are sufficient, although depending on the traffic area, more frequent cleanings might be needed.  If you have pets, we recommend cleaning every six months.  You can help maintain your rug between cleanings with regular vacuuming, and a good quality, thick underpad.

If you find a worn spot on your rug, bring it in for repair right away.  Once a spot has worn through the backing, it can’t be fixed.  Oakbrook Cleaners can repair and reweave these worn spots to lengthen the useful life of your rug, in addition to repairing edging and fringes.

We can also clean and repair rugs of any size and type. it’s important to let our team know what kind of rug you’re having us clean – especially if the rug has significant sentimental value.

We’re happy to pick up your rug by appointment.


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