Help us take care of your clothes

    1. Leave the spots to us. 

      Did you know that water, hairspray, soap, club soda, and commercial stain treatments don’t get the stains out, regardless of what you’ve spilled.  In fact, they may set the stain more permanently, making it impossible to remove.  The best way to get a stain out is to get it to us as quickly as possible.

    2. Your beauty products are ruining your clothes. 

      Antiperspirants, deodorants, hair products, lotions, perfume, and teeth whiteners contain ingredients like alcohol, acids and bleaching agents that can be disastrous to your clothes. Apply lotions, spray hair sprays and clean your teeth before getting dressed.  And if you do accidentally spill toiletries?  Bring it to us as soon as possible.

    3. Check your pockets before you drop off your garments. 

      It only takes a minute to remove your credit cards, train passes, even a stray ballpoint pen or two.  Items that get left in your pockets can get dropped on the floor, damaged or ruined by the cleaning process, or cause major problems.  We’d hate to hand your wife her lovely earrings, only to find out they belong to your girlfriend.

    4. Some spots are never going to come out.  

      Ever.  We’ll do our best to get stains out, we promise.  But, even we can’t fix everything.  If you’ve ironed over a deodorant streak, your garment may never recover.  Likewise if you get an oily stain – especially something like suntan lotion.  And while we may be able to remove the stain of something really nasty, like cat urine, the smell will linger forever and it’s best to just trash it.

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