6 Tips on Caring for Wool

yunlu-giysiler Chilly winter weather is a great time to pull out your warm wool sweaters, pants, and jackets. But, because of wool’s breathability, medium weights make a nice fabric for spring and fall, and lighter weights make lovely fabric for cool summer evenings. Whenever you choose to wear it, you should remember that wool is a natural fiber – and the better care your wool garment receives, the longer it will retain its shape and beauty.

Here are six tips for keeping your woolens looking great year-round:

  1.  Allow 24 hours before you wear a wool garment a second time. This allows the fibers to rest and resume their original shape.
  2.  Remove light soil and dust from wool by brushing lengthwise with a garment brush after every wear. Heavier garments with napped surfaces should be brushed regularly. If a wool garment gets damp, hang it and brush it when it has dried.
  3. Hang wool garments on padded hangers with the zippers closed. Wool knits can be lightly folded and placed in drawers.
  4. Empty pockets and remove jewelry, belts or other accessories from your garments when they are not being worn to keep them from being stretched out of shape.
  5. Always have your woolens professional dry cleaned before storage to remove food stains and body oils, which can attract larva and insects. Pack garments in airtight containers with secure lids, and use cedar (in the form of chips, chests, or lined closets) as a pleasant-smelling, natural insect repellant.
  6. Be aware that briefcase straps or computer bags over the shoulder of your wool jacket can stretch the wool out of shape after time. The repetitive rubbing of these straps on a small area of fabric can also cause permanent wear and damage.

As with most natural fabrics, proper care will lengthen the life of your favorite wool pieces. Follow these tips to keep your wool fabrics looking great for years.


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